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Run by Beverley Morris and Gwen Oake, the American Cocker Spaniel Rescue handles, on a voluntary basis, the rescue and rehoming of the breed throughout the UK.

Giving a home to a rescue dog can be hugely rewarding but should not be taken lightly as generally extra work is required to settle and train the dog, who may have some behavioral problems. However, in the right home, the dog can thrive and prosper into a fantastic family pet.

American Cocker Spaniels are a fantastic breed with an outgoing, even-tempered and joyful nature. They love to play and cuddle and lots of walks and exercise are important as they are a breed of sporting or gun dog. They form strong bonds and are extremely loyal and affectionate.

If you are interested in giving an American Cocker Spaniel a ‘forever home’, if you know of one in need or if you’d like to make a donation please contact either Beverley or Gwen.


Beverley Morris:

Tel: 0191 455 6644

Gwen Oake:

Tel: 01388 528 439